Thursday, June 28, 2012

Healthy Nail Care Tips

Since I've started this blog and people have taken notice of this hobby of mine, I've been getting more and more questions related to nail care.
"How do you grow them so long?"
"Why do my nails always peel?"
"How do I keep the polish from chipping the day after I paint my nails?"

So this post will be a work in progress. I will try to update this with general nail health tips and answers to questions I am often asked.
AHHH! Don't look at me! I'M NAKED! :P

  • "How can I get my nails to grow?"
There are a couple of things that can help nail growth. First, make sure you're eating healthy and drinking plenty of water! (You already know that though!)
I personally take a Biotin supplement (found in drug stores, target etc).
This is the one I take and I purchased this from Target. It really does help your nails grow long and strong. I sometimes find myself annoyed at how long they are! 
BONUS: It will also help you hair grow long and strong as well!

You should also make sure you're keeping your cuticles and nail bed moisturized. Some products I've tried and really liked are: 
LUSH's Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter

OPI's Avoplex Cuticle Oil To Go

CND's Solar oil

California Mango Mend

  • "Why am I getting peelies at the edge of my nail?"
You need to perfect your filing and maybe get a better nail file. Never EVER use a "sawing" motion when filing. This is the main cause of "peelies". Always file in one direction and NEVER FILE YOUR NAILS WHEN THEY ARE WET! It will cause your nails to peel and tear. Yuck.
The next thing to address would be what kind of file you are using. You may need to look into a better file.
If you are you are using this kind of file... should pretty much just kiss any kind of nail health goodbye. :P Metal files are gross. You are only accentuating the peeling with this and you're better off using the sidewalk to file your nails.
A better (and cheap!) alternative are the Tropical Shine Files that can be found at Sally Beauty Supply.

I have this one:
I use the Tropical Shine Blue file 220/320 grit for taking down length and shaping.

I also have this one:
I use the Tropical Shine Pink file 400/800 grit for sealing the nail edge.

What is "sealing the nail edge", you ask? Well, my dears, it is an essential step for avoiding those dreaded PEELIES!
After you are finished taking down length/shaping, hold your finer grit file at a 45 degree angle to your nail and rub the file upwards along the edge. You're not holding the file horizontal to the nail like you would if you were taking down length.
I hope my bad photoshop arrows help.... :/

 Repeat this process in a downward motion...

Then get the corners of the nail by hold this file as shown in the picture below and pulling the file upwards.
You've just sealed the free edge of your nail! Go, YOU!

Another file I like is the Nail Tek Crystal File.
 It's a little more expensive but it's great for keeping in my purse and for travel. It's a pretty versatile file and the grit will never wear off. It also comes with a handy little case so the other things in your purse don't get scratched! I don't really like to use it for taking down length though (it's a finer grit) because it takes forever. That's why I use my Tropical Shine files at home. 

I hope this post helps and I plan on updating it soon with more answers to your questions!
Do YOU have a question you would like me to answer here? Feel free to ask! 
I would love to help if I can! :)

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