Thursday, September 6, 2012

GO O's!!!

Well, Hello there! Two blog posts in one week?! Am I feeling alright?! :P

Today I have a Baltimore ORIOLES manicure to show you! I am not a huge sports fan but the one sport I can understand and enjoy going to watch is baseball...and since I am from Baltimore I like the O's...naturally! They happen to be doing pretty well this season and I know everyone in Baltimore is pretty stoked about it. 

Besides the fact that they are doing well, I have a few other reasons to have my nails like this!
Tonight I will be going to the O's game with my dad, sister and my husband. It's a special game because they will be unveiling the statue of Cal Ripken Jr. at Camden Yards. (Today is also the 17th anniversary of Cal Ripken Jr. breaking Lou Gehrig's record for consecutive games played...2131!) Oh, and they're playing the Yankees...bringing my team spirit is a must!!!
 On Saturday, my husband's cousin is getting married and the wedding has an Oriole theme (Congrats Jenn and Derek! :D) and I will be going to another Oriole game next Tuesday! 

So, I hope you enjoy the design I came up with! It was a tough one! The striped nails are done with tape and the "O" and The Bird are painted by hand...
Yes...I'm crazy. ;)
GO O'S!!!!!!

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Peace, Love and Home runs! 
.....for the O's...not the Yankees! :P

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