Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The mother of all top coats!

Out of all the questions I get asked about nails "What top coat do you use?" is definitely number one on the list. The more often you paint your nails the more you will realize how quickly they chip without a nice top coat.
So without further ado...the mother of all top coats:
Seche Vite!!!
If there is anything you need the most in your manicure arsenal...it's this! Seche Vite is a fast dry top coat that will give your manicure the shiny look you get after you have your nails done in the salon! Seche Vite is guaranteed not to yellow and makes your nails stronger and resistant to chipping and peeling.

The trick with Seche Vite is to make sure you apply it before your polish is completely dry. The nail polish needs to be "wet" (let it dry for about 3 minutes before applying Seche Vite) so that the Seche Vite can penetrate through the nail polish to the base coat forming a single solid layer over the nail plate. This is what makes your manicure much more durable. Also, be sure to wrap the free edge of your nail with the top coat. (Run the brush along the edge of your nail.) This also helps to prevent chipping.

Where to buy it! 
I have seen Seche Vite sold in many cosmetic stores/sections such as Ulta, Target and Walmart but it's a least $9.95 there. I buy mine at Sally Beauty Supply for $6.99!

Hope this helps! :)

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